To make you feel at home has always been and will continue to be much more than a pleasure, it is to ensure that we remain fondly in your memories for a long time after you leave us. We have you in mind in everything that we do and it gives us great satisfaction to anticipate your needs and wishes. We admire you for your infinite capacity to make friends wherever you go, for your cheerful, enthusiastic personalities and your sincerity. Thank you for filling our hostel with so much happiness! Everything that we are and everything that we have today is a result of the fruit of countless ideas that you have given us over the years.

The staff here at Casa de Ania would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of you for sharing with us a moment of your lives and especially, for coming to stay with us in this little spot in Havana which will always be full of cherished memories of you, our friends. You will always be welcome here: “¡Como en casa!”


Tania e Katia (not verified)


Foi muito agradável e acolhedor os dias que passamos hospedados na Casa de Ania, em Havana . Sua localização central favorece um bom aproveitamento do tempo de visita aos pontos turísticos. A casa é acolhedora e bastante hospitaleira, pois Ania e sua família são extremamente atenciosos, como também toda a sua equipe, nos orientando em nossas solicitações diversas como: transportes, pontos a serem visitados, indicando os grandes hotéis para contratação de pacotes turísticos, como por exemplo Cayo Largo.
O preço é bem acessível, é muito confortável, muito limpa e segura e com serviço de cozinha opcional.
Recomendamos este hostal por tudo o que vivemos quando lá estivemos!
Tania e Katia.

Jessica (not verified)


Casa de Ania is THE place to stay in Havana! After almost four months in Cuba it is something I am confident about. I stayed there for 5 weeks in a row and after that I travelled around the country several times, but I always returned to this place. Firstly it is probably the only hostel in Cuba, and secondly it must be the best casa particular regarding service, cleanliness, food, safety and – not least – amazing staff who are always helpful and willing to give advice and information. It is also a great place to stay if you are travelling alone and it is your first time in Cuba. Best of all was that I met a lot of great people there to hang out with, and the hosts, Ania and Alex, are also the best and do everything to make you feel at home. I highly recommend you to stay at their place!

joshua (not verified)


This is the best casa every, i met really nice people, ania and her family are really welcoming and the best.
I will definitely be back.

Lily (not verified)


Hola Ania,
Despues de 4meses regresé a tu casa una segunda vez y senti la misma felicidad, tu hostal es muy agradable y lleno de buenas ondas. Gracias por tu disponibilidad, todo el staff es muy disponible. Eres una mujer muy especial con un corazon enorme, No sé cuando te veré de nuevo pero volveré a tu cas otra vez, es seguro. Gracias para hacerme sentir como en mi casa, con Ustedes tengo la sensacion estar con mi familia. Gracias a Alex, Mamita, Papo y tu Ania mi amiga. Estan en mi corazon. Muchos besos.

Lily desde Francia.

Sophia Hayes. (not verified)


Ania and her family were welcoming and friendly. I have nothing bad to say about our stay with them, it was fantastic and I hope to return here!!!!! Me gusta Casa de Ania.......

Alison Torti. (not verified)


Ania´s casa is definitely the best casa in Havana. I spent one month here and enjoyed every minute of it! Ania and her whole family took great care of me, making sure I had everything i needed and were more than happy to help me with anything (from renewing my visa to organising accomodation for me in other places in Cuba). The house is very comfortable, very clean, very safe. The food is amazing, with a great selection of vegetarian dishes. This house has been a fantastic place to meet people from all over the world, as there are always people coming and going, and coming back again - perfect for people travelling alone! I cannot recommend this place highly enough!

Emilie (not verified)


Having returned to this wonderful hostal after spending time around in Cuba, this casa is by far the truly most memorable with the nice hosts, the great food and the other guests that you do not meet in smaller casas. This place has definitely been the best value for my money and a great point for meeting fellow travellers, which I should definitely like to visit again next time in Havana.
Hostal Casa de Ania is the best place I have stayed in Cuba.

Lynda (not verified)


I arrived from Paris to La Havana, It was myt first step in Cuba. Ania is very pleasant, helpful and genereous . She is always available and she does wonderful Cocktails, no only Ania but all the staff is great. I met nice people, I really enjoy my stay there. The place is clean, cosy and I felt like home. You can have breakfast or dinner all together. I really miss Cuba and Iam already thinking about going back there. I definalety recommand you that hostal.

Craig W. (not verified)


The best place in Havana. Casa de Ania has everything that you need. You need is here!!!!..........

Dr Paul Holland (not verified)


It is a couple of years now since I came to Cuba. I stayed for two weeks to immerse my self into Salsa dancing and the culture. Ania and her family treated me as one of their family. I have very fond memories of going to play baseball with them on Christmas Day and in fact we then organised an Argentina vs the Rest of the World football match from the guests and some friends. I got ill for a couple of days and Ania looked after me, her friend is a Dr and they sorted me out with medicine and I got better very soon. You will be nicely looked after at this Casa. I still keep in touch with Ania regularyl and count her and her family my friends.

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