Especial offers

From 1th to 30th November 2016. In our hostel you can have bed and breakfast for only one price.

This is your opportunity. In this moment the cost in our hostel is 10 cuc per night per one bed. Here we have done more options for you.

Our hostel has a good offer for you in this time you will have include bed with all services of our hostel. If you stay more seven nights continuos here you can enjoy:

Rent in our hostel+breakfast+one Laundry service. Now, all for one price!!!!

If you reserve for 10 days or more you can enjoy all our services for only one price!!.( bed/room, breakfast, spanish lesson, dance lesson, dinner )  

Contact us!!!

Each week our hostel has different activities for you. Enjoy it!.

In our hostel we have a Clinic of Spanish with specialist of Havana University!!! each week.

Now our Hostel has another house more near to Old Havana. So you can select in what place do you prefer live.

In our hostel thai is in Havana near to Vedado or in our another guesthouse near to Old Havana. Both Hostel and Guesthoouse has all our special offer for you.

Now you have more without extra pay. You won´t regreet for it!!! Viist us!!!

You see!!!... Why Ania’s house make the difference!!!

E-mail us and will be delighted to replay it.

Hurry up! Reserve with us!